Gutters are a necessary finish for every roof. Although they should serve us for several dozen years, they often require basic repairs. Fortunately, we can easily protect them and extend their life. Can you paint aluminum gutters?

Currently, the most popular are gutters made of coated steel, which is characterized by a large variety of shapes and affordable price. Other materials that we can meet are gutters made of galvanized steel, aluminum or zinc-titanium sheet. Unfortunately, all these materials are exposed to corrosion.

Opinions on aluminum gutters

Due to the strength of the production material, which is aluminum, drawn gutters are made of it extremely durable. On the Internet you can find opinions about Englert gutters installed over two decades ago, which still serve the household without any damage. The very fact that in the United States this type of gutter system was made several dozen years ago can attest to its quality. We have already published other opinions about aluminum and other gutters in our website.

Can you paint aluminum gutters?

How to paint aluminum rain gutters

  • Clear them first. Before you start painting gutters, make sure you have a clean work surface. Washing them with an automatic washing machine is easier and more convenient and saves more time.
  • Let them dry. Wait a few hours for them to dry before painting them. Additionally, if your gutters have been attacked by mold or mildew, you can add a mildew retardant. You can buy this product in the hardware store or online.
  • Apply foundation. Before painting the gutters, they must be primed first. For this base material, a transparent acrylic binding primer will provide optimal results.
  • Apply oil enamel. After about 48 hours, you can start applying the enamel. The best enamel for this material would be high gloss oil.
  • Apply the appropriate aluminum paint. Again, you need to wait 48 hours for the enamel to dry completely before painting the surface. Make sure the paint you have deposited is compatible with the primer and enamel.

Apply the right aluminum paint (with weather protection)

After the enamel has dried (“two sunny days” should be enough) you are ready to paint. Your paint should be identical to the primer and enamel, so be sure to check with your equipment store representative when collecting cans. Choose a high-quality 100% acrylic paint (without ammonia, which reacts with aluminum) for optimal results. If you can find one with UV protection even better (although aluminum has a low risk of damage by UV rays).



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